Automotive and Industrial Lubricants
Automotive and Industrial Lubricants

Lubricants - Automotive and Industrial. This site is an introduction to industrial and automotive lubricants. It was first launched in 1996 as a free information source for the general public. And in 2014, the information on this site is still relevant. There is no affiliation with any company. There are no lubricants or services for sale on this site. Like the good old days on the web.

The following diagram is a graphical representation of the process from base stock to the finished lubricant. You will learn the importance of the additive package in determining the characteristics of the finished automotive and industrial lubricant. Please review the articles, or reference material.

Lubricant Process


Additive Package Base Oil Manufacture
Viscosity Greases
Industrial Applications Is Low Oil Pressure Bad?
Used Oil Analysis Product Shelf Life
Engine Oil Functions Engine Oil Certification
Should I Use Additives?


Viscosity Equivalents Chart Glossary of Terms Click and Convert

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